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Wednesday at 2:00 pm on 26-01-2011
Venue Barossa Under The Stars | SA | Australia
Note E-Type Jazz are on stage at 3pm doing two sets then there is Mark Sholtez on stage at 5:30pm. Sting is on at 7pm and show finishes approx 10pm. When purchasing Coach & Show packages you are not require to call Premier to rebook coach tickets. COACH TIMETABLE *To Event: Boarding 1:30pm - Depart Adelaide (Franklin St) 2:00pm - Arrives Venue 3:45pm *From Event: Depart Venue after concert ends 9:45pm (approx) - Arrives Adelaide (Franklin St) 11:15pm (approx) *Pick Up Stops: Elizabeth - Frobisher Rd Departs 2:35pm Return 10:35pm Gawler Visitor Centre - Deaparts 3:00pm Return 10:20pm

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